Tuna Tails


About Us

My name is Captain Steve Otwell. I hold a Masters Captains license. Born and raised in North Louisiana now married and residing in Jefferson Parish in South Louisiana. My passion is fishing. I began fishing with my dad at a very young age and fell in love with the sport. I have fished the Florida Keys, Mexico, Sea of Cortez, and the place I call home the Gulf of Mexico. I am one of the newest captains in Venice, but I know how to find the fish. I love to take people fishing and see them have the time of their life catching world class fish.

My business is registered, licensed, and insured. As the owner of this company  Tunatails, I will bring to you these important qualities- honesty, integrity, and a good attitude. I will always stress safety and taking care of you – the client. Come out and try Tunatails so we can show you why we were the best catch for your charter!

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